Call For Sponsors

The ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP) is the world's premier forum for computer systems software technology, representing activities in both academia and industry. It attracts the leading researchers and luminaries in the field and features the best and brightest of the Ph.D. candidates in computer systems. It is held only once every two years. The next one, SOSP'19, will be held October 27-30, 2019 in Huntsville, Ontario, just north of Toronto, Canada.

Industrial support for SOSP has always been instrumental in making SOSP a success each time it is held. We, the organizing committee, are writing to ask your organization to kindly consider being a sponsor for SOSP'19.

A number of different sponsorship packages are available. Some of the packages allow us to provide stipends for students to help cover their travel, lodging, meals, and conference registration. For example, in 2017 roughly 40% of the conference attendees were students, many of whom were supported, in part or in full, by industrial sponsors, and these students are made well aware of the sources of their stipends. Other packages allow us to include events such as receptions and our banquet dinner, during which important connections are established and the research directions at industry labs and academic institutions are explored by the delegates.

We expect SOSP'19 to be an exceptional event, and sincerely hope that you will be able to join us as a sponsor. You can find more information at For reference, information on previous years' SOSPs can be found at

Best Regards,

Tim Brecht, University of Waterloo, General Co-Chair
Carey Williamson, University of Calgary, General Co-Chair
Martin Karsten, University of Waterloo, Treasurer
Stefan Saroiu, Microsoft Research, Sponsorship Co-Chair
Michael Stumm, University of Toronto, Sponsorship Co-Chair
Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell University, Sponsorship Co-Chair